Leeds Welcome | Give a cat a home at Leeds’ new Kitty Cafe

Give a cat a home at Leeds’ new Kitty Cafe

Words by Lauren Entwistle 

It’s no secret that Kitty Cafe’s are having a serious moment right now. From London to Manchester, it seemed only a matter of time before Leeds got one too with the furry friends making a move into staple street Kirkgate. But this cafe is quite special, as it’s not only the cake that can be taken home – but also a potential feline companion too.

The Cafe, ran by owner Kate Charles Richards (who also owns the popular Kitty Cafe in Nottingham) bought the Old Yorkshire Bank Site at 8-9 Kirkgate back in April, with plans to open on the 11th December. Over £50,000 has been spent on refurbishing the space, with the Cafe boasting a despoke open-plan cat playground and dining space and a glass-protected kitchen – likely to keep little paws at bay.

But behind the scenes of the bustling cafe, the space operates as a cat-rescue and re-homing facility.  The Cafe’s cattery can hold up to 30 potential foster cats at any one time, and there are 20 that are available for re-homing at any time. The program has been incredibly successful at their Nottingham branch, with the majority of cats having been rescued eventually finding a home with a family.

“We advise potential foster families to join our mailing list, as all the cats we have go through the list where we vet suitability based on the cat we are homing.” Says Kate, the owner.

“We also like to conduct house checks and also take into account factors such as if families have any other children or pets – and whether you live on a main road or not! We do not charge a fee for adoption, but we do gratefully accept donations. We consider ourselves a business with a heart and want to use our unique position to help as many cats as we can.”

The mailing list not only caters to locally rescued cats kept at the Cafe, but also spotlights animals at local rescues that share a similar ethos – so more felines get a shot at happiness.

Obviously the Kitty Cafe is, at its core, a cafe. Kate and her team have gone all-out to stock up on cat-themed treats, offering a range of delicious food and mocktails to the public. To avoid a pile-up of excited customers, members of the “Kitty Cafe Club” get first crack of the whip in terms of visiting, but will soon be open to the general public.

If you love cats, and may even have a space in your home for a new fluffy friend – Leeds Kitty Cafe is the purrrfect place for you.

(Sorry for that awful pun.)

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