Leeds Welcome | In-Sight: Iconic Weapons at The Royal Armouries

In-Sight: Iconic Weapons at The Royal Armouries

Museums are a place of wonder for history buffs to curious children and anyone in between. Leeds’ Royal Armouries is no exception to this with its fantastic displays of ancient and modern weaponry.

Unfortunately for the more inquisitive among us, the glass between the punter and artefact can be a real restraint on the experience, which is why this weekend the Armouries are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to the visitors of it’s In-Sight: Iconic Weapons exhibition. Those in attendance will be given the chance to get their hands on a number of different historical weapons and take a closer look at objects from the national collection. There will also be a number of live combat demonstrations as well as dramatic performances over the two days.

The event starts at 10am on Saturday 16th and finishes at 5pm on Sunday 17th.

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