Leeds Welcome | Off The Record: Leeds Welcomes KMAH Radio

Off The Record: Leeds Welcomes KMAH Radio

Leeds is a constant and varied source of musical talent and the relationship between the North and it’s love affair with an electronic kilted mind set has never been as apparent or as relevant as it stands today.

A consistent destination for any touring DJ, Producer or live act and not solely due to the fact that Leeds houses a number of universities, colleges, sterling venues & event spaces but more perhaps to do with our hunger and heritage, indicate that it’s just in our blood.

Over 30 years of music industry heritage and we’re very much still adding to that evolving dance culture legacy. From the Orbit, to Warp’s beginnings in Sheffield, Dave Beer’s infamous Back To Basics, Ketoloco, 2020 vision recordings, Ark, and every fledging promoter, venue space and night that may have disappeared as quickly as they gathered burgeoning pace, have all accounted to shaping the electronic soundscape of the North and our affinity with it.

Not least imposed by surrounding noise from neighbouring cities & their hub’s, such as Manchester’s hacienda, Liverpool’s Cream, Nottingham’s Renaissance or The Bomb. House and techno hungry tourists have always had opportunities to delve deep into darkened rooms with wild abandonment. It’s not really any secret that the north has always been a melting pot of dance music culture that spans decades of purveyors of house, techno, rave, jungle, hardcore, d’nb, garage, and more recently, future garage, grime, footwork, juke and dubstep amongst a million other genres and sub genres that are explored, celebrated, trialled & kept alive by people just like you and me. The evolution of dance music culture within the city has never really been a problem and is constantly evolving and moulded from great ideas, pure passion and of course, the people.

Dance music circles can always be segmented, sometimes by niche, geographical region, audience and substance but the network as a whole despite being globally fractured is universally connected via a digital umbilical chord.

The Internet means that no matter how far or wide the net is cast, we are all universally connected to tastemakers.

Tastemakers like Rinse FM, Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, East Village radio, XLR8R, Fact Mag, NTS, Red light Radio, Just Jam and Boiler Room are all beacons for explorations into space and sound via words, images, sounds and digital content that brings audiences together and unite fans and its here that we arrive at the latest creative community offering to place the North firmly on the digital music map, KMAH Radio.

KMAH Radio, are the latest addition to the ever-growing eclectic mix of passion over pounds initiatives that keep the underground alive.

A community run radio station broadcasting live from the backstreets of Leeds City centre and run by five like minded passionate individuals who all met through a mutual love and respect for a tonking sound system.

‘’The thinking behind this new project is that the city is the best outside London for house and techno party wise, but that it lacks in other areas. There seems to be a trend for local DJs, producers and parties to get to a certain level of success then up and leave for the capital or Berlin. We think there needs to be more community to go someway toward solidifying the city and wider north of England scenes…’’

The Guardian recently ran a feature on community run digital radio stations referencing NTS Radio in London in particular and how the station is redefining live radio. The community concept is nothing particularly new but the power that these collectives embrace, from uniting people to challenging the norm and encouraging against the grain creativity with a platform to flourish, just might be.

Having launched in March 2015, a good 18 months of planning has gone into the production of KMAH as it stands today with huge plans for developing with a robust line-up of shows, events and live broadcasts. KMAH currently schedule 12hours of music, 7 days a week with big plans for 2015 and beyond. Not solely content with uniting Yorkshire but also have ties further afield with friends & family of the station and the city in Berlin, Bristol & New York to name just a few. The extended KMAH family reaches far and wide and is only set to grow.

Wanting to try to add something new to Leeds and the North at large that didn’t already exist was a real driving force for the KMAH team. Creating a community and hub to collectively bring together all the diverse strands, sounds and styles that the region has to offer was the ultimate goal and has all been achieved through the founding members own pocket and small subs from show hosts.

KMAH, the name itself is a nod to US stations such as Jeff Mill’s as the Wizard on WJLB or the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX but moreover is the initials of the founding members.

K is Kristan Caryl, music writer and editor & owner of, you may also find him under the DJ Slippers pseudonym

M is Mike Stockell, promoter and Fullbar records digital manager who presents The purple door on the station

A is Arthur Barr who is Fullbar Records label boss & host to the café del barr show

H is Mr Hamish Cole who promotes Butter Side Up and is promotions manager at Wire & can be found on his textures show

Add to this Mike Lawton, the music obsessed web developer, Snoop the station mascot, an extensive list of hosts that include Maurice Fulton, Happa, Bill Brewster, The Black Dog, Outlaws Yacht Club, Cottam, Krysko, Bonar Bradbury/PBR Streetgang, A Sagittariun, Ethyl & Flori, BLM, Dave Beer, Man Power, Illusion Records, Butter Side Up, Marco Bernardi, and many more including perhaps lesser known names but avid record collectors.

A robust line-up of understated passionate bpm moguls who know the City inside out and are on a mission to unite The North and celebrate it’s heritage & musical diversity.

Their mission statement says it all and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from the team and their collective voice, so open up your ear holes and enjoy the ride with KMAH. Leeds just got that little bit more exciting….

KMAH Mission statement….

KMAH aims to give unknown music obsessives and DJs a platform to showcase their collections to an audience that wants to hear music they haven’t heard before. There are big name DJs on the roster, too, because we also hope the station will bring together the parties and people that make the north of England’s underground scene tick. We want community, collaboration and collective experiences that remind people that the world doesn’t start and end in Berlin or London.

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