Leeds Welcome | The Big Build at the Thackray Medical Museum.

The Big Build at the Thackray Medical Museum.

Words by: Harry McMullen

A team of builders are set to erect a scale model of the museum’s grade II listed building using around 150,000 pieces of LEGO®. The project is set to last 18 months and money generated from the build sets to raise funds for the museum’s £4 million capital project: A Healthy Future.

A Healthy Future will invest funds into the renovation of the museums galleries, as well as creating educational opportunities for the public. The museum believes that the project will instigate a lasting legacy.

Donations from as little as £1 will give contributors the chance of placing a brick on the museums scaled down model of the building, as well as leaving donators with the satisfaction of contributing to a great educational institution in the city.

- The grade II listed Thackray Medical Museum building.

Judith Knox from the Thackray Medical Museum explained that LEGO® was chosen as “the museum wanted to find a way of raising money that is fun and engaging, and as LEGO® appeals to everyone, it’s something that everyone can get involved with”. She went on the say: “The build is open for the public and if anyone would like to volunteer, please get in touch!”.

All donations and contributions are welcome, as the museum aims to piece the big build project together, brick by brick.

For all donations and enquiries:

- The Museum logo for the Big Build.
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