Leeds Welcome | We’re “Dreaming the Night Field” at The Carriageworks

We’re “Dreaming the Night Field” at The Carriageworks

Words by Lauren Entwistle

Myths and ancient legends are having a real moment right now in pop culture – Game of Thrones, anyone? But the inspiration and origin for these fantasies have to come from somewhere, with one of the most loved coming from historic North Wales. The tales of betrayal, revenge, love, honour, magic and transformation from The Mabinogion  has now been thrown into the 21st Century in a clever modern adaptation by touring company Adverse Camber Productions – and being brought to Leeds for the very first time.

Playing at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds on the 13th October, the story follows Gwydion, the king’s nephew, who manages to provoke a huge war between North and South Wales and unleashes a chaos of consequences. We also follow Blodeuwedd, a beautiful woman conjured from flowers, who is torn between duty and desire with some seriously fateful results. This obviously isn’t your Grandma’s regular folktale.

In order to bring Leeds into the land of the Celts, the company has cleverly mixed in visions of modern pubs and power stations – complete with genuinely captivating traditional Celtic music (to listen to some of the songs from the show, click here:   To complement these sounds, Adverse Camber has brought together one of the UK’s top story-tellers, Michael Harvey and acclaimed folk musicians Stacey Blythe and Lynne Denman to bring audiences on a journey into medieval Wales and beyond.

It’s funny, dramatic and entirely immersive, building a world that has gone unseen for generations and inviting the audience in to experience it. As many people remember The Mabinogion as a story on their childhood bookshelf, Dreaming the Night Field brings these heritage stories vividly to life through electric live performance, reinventing them for today’s audiences.

“Dreaming the Night Field: a legend of Wales” is performing at The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds on Friday 13 October 2017, 7.30pm. Tickets are £13.25 / £11.13. To book, call 0113 376 0318 or click to book online.

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