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51% Bourbon

About 51% Bourbon

Its theme of straight spirits, classic rock ’n’ roll and rough-around-the-edges American style seems to attract a mixed group of people, but there is really no age limit here – and bourbon connoisseurs are more than welcome.

There’s a mammoth selection of 70 bourbons, including normal, small batch and single barrel tipples. They range in age and price and are explained in depth in the menu.

It’s refreshingly straight forward and unpretentious. As soon as you walk in the rose red lighting, dark wooden tables, chairs and casks combine with the rock ’n’ roll Bruce Springsteen backdrop to make you feel like you’re in some obscure yet relaxed log cabin bar in the States.

If bourbon whiskey in the usual form is not your thing, there is an extensive cocktail menu which will show you other ways to enjoy the spirit.

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