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About Art Hostel

What would happen if you took a building on the oldest street in Leeds, dating back two centuries, and gave it a complete facelift? What if you released local and international artists… each motivated in encouraging art to become less observational and more interactive – an immersive experience for all – to shine a vision of their own, into it’s rooms? What if it existed… well now, it does.

East Street Arts brings you the first social enterprise Art Hostel in the UK, providing distinctive accommodation in a playful, creative space. Aiming to change the way people stay, encouraging visitors to contribute to the city of Leeds while they are here, Art Hostel
provides a physical infrastructure to make, create, debate, sleep and explore.

Each bedroom is uniquely designed, contemporary and comfortable. The foyer will double as an event and space to host artists and visitors, while in the basement a dynamic, rolling programme of events and happenings awaits; the basement can also be hired out for creative project use.

Staying starts from as little as £22.50 per person per night, with a range of private rooms, through to shared dormitories.

Created by artists for everyone to enjoy… a new immersive way to stay.

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