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About Bangwok

After getting a whole lot of love at our pop-up in Trinity Kitchen, we parked up our tuk-tuk and opened our first proper joint in Leeds last year. We’ve made our northern home in a railway arch tucked away just off Neville Street.

Our interior, with its salvaged material and Thai DIY, has its own unique atmosphere. Pull up a stool at the bar facing the wok station on the ground floor and watch the magic happen- we think it’s the best seat in the house, because you can make friends with the chef and get treated to titbits all night. Otherwise, get cosy in one of the little booths upstairs, and spot the sex tourists in our Thai-style Where’s Wally illustrations – you’ll feel about 6,000 miles away from Leeds.

If you pop in at lunch, you can enjoy a short menu that’s cooked fresh and fast, focusing on ahaan jahn diow – that’s a ‘one dish meal’. We’re talking pad Thai, our legendary sriracha fried rice, salads and curries. They’re cheap, filling, healthy and fresh – and guaranteed to have you coming back for more by the end of the week.

In the evening, it’s all about the raan gin lao – literally a ‘shop to drink liquor’. This is how drinking is done in Thailand. Order an ice-cold Chang beer and a plethora of salty, spicy or fatty kap klaem (bar snacks) and enjoy – nothing makes your beer taste better [I have changed this slightly]. Or give one of our cocktails a try – including the legendary trinity of SangSom rum, Coke and M-150 (the Thai equivalent to Red Bull). It’s served in a bucket, naturally.

In short, we’ve tried to create the kind of place we’d like to hang out at ourselves – and bring some proper Thai action to the Leeds food-and-drink scene.
Pop gun mai! (See you soon!)

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