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About Barburrito

Spectacular cooking shouldn’t be a secret. Welcome to Barburrito, where we share our madness for Mex.

After years of hard work as dynamic management types, Morgan and Paul felt a little constrained. They knew business inside out, but they wanted passion in their lives. Creativity. The chance to see people smile, even if they had lettuce between their teeth.

And, the guys had something to give: a shared love of Mexican food, and more than a few years perfecting it. There was one choice: creating the world’s coolest burrito bar.

And, if it meant they had to taste test incredible food, enjoy innovative recipes, and try fab, fresh ingredients – it was a price they were willing to pay. No matter how many warm and sunny locations they had to visit. No matter how many margaritas they had to drink.

An odyssey ensued, across the best burrito bars in North America. Recipes were tried. Ideas were brought to life. Salsa was consumed. And then, one happy day in 2005, they opened the doors on their first Barburrito in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

Good things tend to grow. Before they knew it, Barburrito had become very popular indeed. Then, out of the blue, they won the BBC Best Newcomer Award at the prestigious Manchester Food & Drink Festival. They realised that people didn’t just like Barburrito. They loved it. Now, Morgan and Paul are on a mission to take the ultimate burrito experience to the rest of the UK.

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