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Bramley Baths

About Bramley Baths

Bramley Baths is a community-led, not-for-profit centre for fitness, health and fun, which houses a public gym, swimming pool, steam room and space for community events, meetings and fitness classes. Built on the site of a foundry, Bramley Baths first opened as a pool and public bath-house in 1904, enabling local residents to wash, swim and use the new Russian Steam Baths – fashionable with the Edwardians as a healthy past-time. The foundry chimney built with 8000 Kirkstall bricks, still towers over the baths and can be seen from across Leeds. On 1 January 2013, the doors opened to a new era, with a new management team in place running the baths as a social enterprise, having delivered a successful asset transfer of the building from Leeds City Council. Bramley Baths has been championed by local residents and supporters all over the UK and beyond, determined to provide an affordable space for health and fitness, and to ensure the survival of this beautiful Grade II listed building. But Bramley Baths is more than a building. It is where thousands of children have taken their first strokes in the water, where couples have met, married and brought their children and now their grandchildren to have fun and be fit. It is a place powered by people, and steam, by conversations, friendships and masses of community spirit.

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