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About CrossEyes Leeds

Eyewear is worn everyday and because people look at your face first
its also the most obvious accessory out there. For those reasons, we
believe that the price should be at a level where you can afford to
change your eyewear whenever you feel like it.

The price its transparent and clear on the wall of the shop, always
stated with everything included. This means that the fun part of
buying eyewear is left which is finding the frame you like and have
your eyes tested thoroughly by our optometrist. Presence and personal
service are key elements for us, our concept allows us to spend the
time needed with each customer.

A clear and sharp price does not mean a compromise with either service
or quality. It is simply the result of a strong concept and supply
chain. We always provide you with the best possible lens option
matching your needs, always included in the price.
There are no hidden cost or fees and our eyewear is high quality,
always made to the same high standard. That’s CrossEyes.

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