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About Kasa Rosa

KASA Rosa was established in 2005, as a family owned and run, individually unique restaurant.

The name is an anagram, rather than a miss-spelling, of the Hickman family`s initials – Kym, Alan, Sean, Angus and Rose. We are still working on incorporating the final addition, Willow, into the title. The whole family can be seen contributing, in one capacity or another, in the running of the operation and that helps to generate the priceless and unique atmosphere of the place.

In 2011 we moved from Queen`s Place to our current location at Town End, Fountain Street. The new KASA Rosa encapsulates the family ideal, on entering the main door; you are immediately confronted by the very hub of the operation. Both the bar and the entire kitchen are open to your view and you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

The head chef, Alan, has over twenty years experience in continental cuisine and has been the one constant in KASA Rosa and it`s predecessor, Picasso`s evolution. Assisting Alan in the kitchen is Dave Frost, a local man with a love for good food and truly exceptional pizzas ; in the restaurant Ben, brings a genuine, familiar and yet hugely efficient front to the operation.

KASA Rosa is a partnership between the Hickman family and Geoff Berry. Geoff is no stranger to Morley, having been connected to the town since 1973 when he represented Morley Cricket Club in their successful season that year. Geoff played for Morley for a total of five years on two separate occasions, his last appearance was in the Jack Hampshire Cup final in 1991. Geoff was also a familiar face in Morley Market where he ran a fruit stall for a number of years until he retired from that trade in 2004.

Geoff was also involved in Rugby League, having been a referee for over twenty years, officiating at the professional level during the eighties. Following his retirement from refereeing, he worked full time for the Rugby Football League coaching and developing the refereeing structure as the sport moved towards “Super League” culminating with his appearances on SKY television as a Video Referee.

We do not pigeon hole the restaurant as Spanish or Italian, using the broader and more accurate description “Mediterranean”: And whilst our ingredients are sourced from far flung corners of that region, the ethos behind the cooking is “the best ingredients, simply prepared”. We have no time for elaborate garnishes and in the best Yorkshire tradition: If it`s cooked right, it`ll look right. The menu offers a little bit to suit all palates and pockets from the excellent tapas selection, through the ever changing pasta and pizzas and on to premium British fillet steaks. Everything is prepared on the premises (with the glaring exception of the chocolate fudge cake) from Dave`s freshly baked bread, to the freshest North Sea fish available on the market.

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