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About Le Chalet Ltd

I have been a people person all my life; not always a good thing I suppose. I love my friends, my family and I have close, deep relationships. Sometimes I’ve ended up being hurt but most importantly I made relationships that are over 30 years old and  I don’t regret anything.

Year after year I noticed technology dominating life, people on their phones more than chatting, songs lyrics became empty and meaningless.  I wished people could see how good life is away from the world’s madness.

I  worked in the big corporate world that I loved but everywhere I saw sad faces  sitting behind desks wishing to change their lives. I didn’t know how to create a happy place for people to work, till one day a colleague said I wish I have a tearoom !

And here I am…

I shouted OK let’s do it ! As I don’t do things half ways my colleague had a cold feet but I didn’t stop … then Le Chalet was born.

I chose Le Chalet to be in the financial district as a statement that in the middle of all commercialisation, you can still see through humanity. Here we are shouting (or maybe whispering) come along and meet us. Join our family by being our customer or our colleague.

Just push the doors and we will say “Bonjour”

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