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About North Star Coffee Roasters

We are Leeds’ first coffee roastery focused on sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffees that we can get our hands on, to showcase to anyone that is wanting to enjoy and learn about the ever intriguing speciality coffee industry.

We craft roast our beans using all of our five senses, working tirelessly to perfect each batch and extract the full potential of every coffee we roast. Roxanne our drum roaster, slowly unlocks the sweet spot of each coffee and along with the help of some modern technological additions we can track every stage of the roast to plot profiles and ensure we remain consistent. Artisan roasting is a highly skilled and manual process, a skill we approach with great care and attention in an effort to achieve outstanding results every time.

We make sure this happens by not only sourcing the highest quality green coffee, but more importantly we roast to order to guarantee each bag of North Star coffee sings in the cup. We encourage you to come down and meet us, see the process and try the results on our La Marzocco Linea PB.

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