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About Nourish

The Nourish brand was created by nutritionist David Stache, personal
trainer, Ben Pryor, and chef, Richard Pryor – their goal being to
provide towns and cities saturated with the usual, unhealthy,
profit-driven fast food outlets with something entirely different.
Nourish‘s offering of ‘fast food with a conscience’ aims to combat the
nutritionally poor convenience food relied upon by many.

The freshest ingredients are delivered daily, the nutritional data of
each meal on the Nourish menu is carefully considered, and no calorie
is wasted. All ingredients are clearly labeled, and each and every
meal is made fresh, on-site, each day. No other fast food company can
make the same claim. All of our eggs are free range, the meat we use
is 100% British, and we only work with local suppliers.

We won’t blind or confuse you with science. You wont find meals with
unpronounceable ingredients, just good food and honest advice. We
pride ourselves on being more than just a food company.

Open seven days a week, and serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and
dessert, as well as smoothies, hot drinks and snacks, you can sit and
enjoy your meal in our Nourish restaurant, or order your food to go.

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