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About Opposite

Leeds’ first specialty coffee bar opened back in 2005 ‘Opposite’ the steps of Leeds University.

Since then we’ve expanded to 3 shops, with different temperaments to suit their areas: scruffy and laid back for the students, minimal black glass and oak in the Victoria Quarter and a homey modernist hang out for the locals in Chapel Allerton. We don’t like the homogenised high street look and each place is so different you would hardly know they were the same. All are united by an exacting standard of coffee and a group of the friendliest baristas you’ve ever met.

We’re big on sustainability: organic milk, direct trade coffee, compostable cups, we even have our own food composter out back.

The other thing we’re good at is healthy, honest, homemade food. We make everything from our sandwich fillings to our soups to our cakes in house, and there are no additives or excess sugar and salt in our grub. The food menu varies across sites but you can expect sandwiches, toasted paninis, soups, stews and delicious cakes.

Come see us for a cuppa and a nice chat.

See website for particulars…

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