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About Red Hot World Buffet

If you haven’t been to a Red Hot World Buffet before you’re in for a treat!
Whether you’re having dinner for two, a family get together, lunch with your friends or even a massive party celebration, we’re the ideal venue.

Once seated, you’ll place your drinks order with your waiter, then head over to the food. Pick up a plate and have a walk around, there’s hundreds of choices so even for the fussiest eater, there’ll definitely be something to enjoy.

Our talented 5-star chefs make absolutely everything fresh every single day so whether you’re in the mood for a bit of tex mex, chinese or Italian, you’re in charge.

And who said you can’t mix it up?

We’ve discovered that Chow Mein noodles go really well with Tex-Mex grilled ribs, sweetcorn and salad! As well as the buffet sections, our chefs at the live stations will cook your chosen dish in front of you exactly how you like it. Extra garlic with your pasta? No problem.

You can go up as many times as you like, and we recommend if you have hot food on your plate, get seated and enjoy it, you can always pop back afterwards for a second plate and try something else.

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