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The Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes

About The Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes

The Brotherhood is a celebration of fabulous British food and classic cocktails married up in perfect harmony through the joy of sport in order to please the gentleman of character and woman of substance.

We engage with fine upstanding local suppliers to offer artisan parcels of pie perfection… and other such delicacies, made fresh in our kitchen every day. We pride ourselves on our reputable British menu including said pies, delicious hearty side dishes and a fine selection of bar snacks including a cloaked hen’s scotch egg and a pork and black pudding sausage roll.

We’re no common or garden ‘Sports Bar’ mind you. We believe that those of taste and character shouldn’t leave such attributes at the door to enjoy the Rugby, or catch the cricket. Maintain your standards dear Brothers and Sisters and take in an experience that’s as much ‘damned fine Bar’ as it is ‘Sport’.

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