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The Fenton

About The Fenton

Once upon a time in a great land, not far from where you are right
now, there was a pub like no other. It was the simple things that
made this place so special. A great selection of local cask ales,
craft ciders, great wines, cocktails and everything else you would
expect to find at your local. And some things that may surprise you.
Once your palette is satisfied may your mind be pleased; there’s pool
and darts, a jukebox, board games and a real life puppy! There are
poker nights, jam nights (live music, not for your toast), a most
unconventional quiz, life drawing, stand up comedy, improv comedy, art
exhibitions, big parties, small parties, garden parties and everything
in between.
So, you’ve whet your whistle and mellowed your mood, what next?
Explore five rooms over three floors and check out live music,
friendly people and weird snacks! Whether you’re into Morrisey,
Metallica or magic, Eminem, eccentricity or eggs in bags, The Fenton
will have what it takes to keep your ears happy and your soul
satisfied any day of the week and well into the night.

All sourced locally to get you locally sauced.

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