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About Village Bookstore

Village is a book shop and gallery offering a curated selection of art, design, photography and lifestyle books and magazines, as well as small press zines sourced both locally and internationally. We work closely with like-minded artists and publishers the world over who share our passion for the printed form to bring together a collection of unique, limited-edition publications and make them available in a bricks-and-mortar shop.

Village aims to be more than just a shop. It is a multi-purpose creative space. Our in-store gallery provides a platform for talented emerging photographers, illustrators and visual artists to gain exposure for their work. Each exhibition is a collaboration between ourselves and the artists involved. We regularly host launches, talks and workshops in order to encourage communication and discussion between creatives of all disciplines. We also serve Workshop Cult of Done small batch espresso in store, made using a traditional lever machine.

In an increasingly digital world, we feel that the physicality of print and the experience of browsing a book shop is something that should not only be preserved, but celebrated.

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