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About Wapentake

We are an Artisan Bakery, Cafe & Bar dedicated to our love of Yorkshire.

It may help you understand us when you understand the name: “Besides being divided into three Ridings, East, North and West (a riding being derived from the Norse word “thriving,” meaning a third part) Yorkshire was further sub-divided into administrative areas called Wapentakes – the Danelaw equivalent of an Anglo-Saxon Hundred in most other counties. The word derived from an assembly or meeting place, usually at a cross roads or near a river, where literally one’s presence or a vote was taken by a show of weapons.

You will find us nesting on Kirkgate, not far from the market where we buy all our produce for our seasonal and homely menu. When you step inside you’ll find our daily baked bread usually sat by some cake creations, gluten-free & vegan, baked by the lovely Cake Witch. Besides being a stop off for bacon butties & early morning coffees we are also here to ease you in to the evening.

On the 100 year old bar you will find an array of spirits including a shelf dedicated to Yorkshire Gins, sat happily in front of our selection of local keg and cask ales. Come take a look at the local art on the wall, have a tinkle on our piano or get a beer from the Yorkshire brewery dedicated fridge and watch some sports upstairs- there is a place in the joint for everyone.

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