Leeds Welcome | Buglight Theatre – Marching on Embers

Buglight Theatre – Marching on Embers

One family. One cause. Two paths… With a fragile peace hanging over their community, the rifts of the past begin to tear apart the foundations of a prominent Republican family when one of them re-joins the struggle against ‘the age old enemy of the Irish people’… Why are so many young men seduced by the pull of violent struggle? What happens to a cause when abuses are buried to protect it? Why are female voices so often stifled in the midst of struggle? Marching on Embers tells the story of radicalisation, the allure of violence and the toxic mix of power and masculinity against the backdrop of a post-Brexit fractured Northern Ireland. Developed with Dramaturg Rod Dixon. Directed by Ruth Carney. Written by Chris O’ Connor Buglight Theatre – At the heart of their work is an exploration of untold stories or well-known stories told in a unique and different way often with the human condition and what it means to be human in mind. We create work through a unique creative process of research, devising, improvisation and experimentation.

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