Leeds Welcome | Feis Ile Whisky Tasting

Feis Ile Whisky Tasting

The Whisky Lounge is back in Leeds with another cracking Whisky Tasting. Fresh from the Feis Ile, the Islay festival of music and whisky, we bring you distillery exclusive bottlings that you’ll likely never taste anywhere else. If you, or someone you know, like whisky with a healthy dose of peat then this tasting is for you. Every year the eight Islay distilleries, along with the people of Islay, get together and throw a huge week-long festival. Each distillery will release a special bottling, usually released on their particular open day and often selling out the same day. People travel from all over the world to have a party and get the chance to buy these sublime whiskies.  We realise that not everyone can get to the Feis. So we bring the Feis Ile to you in this tasting series!

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