Leeds Welcome | Minicine presents The Beguiled

Minicine presents The Beguiled

In Sofia Coppola’s _The Beguiled_, the unexpected arrival of a wounded Union soldier at a girls school in Virginia during the American Civil War leads to jealousy and betrayal. Based on Thomas Cullinan’s 1966 novel, Coppola’s film acts as a counterpoint to Don Seigel’s 70s adaptation, starring Clint Eastwood, which offers a very singular masculine point-of-view. Here we are offered varying perspectives from the women within the school of how the arrival of Colin Farrel’s soldier messes with the group dynamic. Furthermore, this latest take can be seen as a commentary on the Partiarchy’s suppression of women through conflict and division. As well as the feature presentation, we’ll also be screening a selection of short films and tea, coffee and homemade cake will be available.

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