Leeds Welcome | Talk: Women at War – The Barnbow Story

Talk: Women at War – The Barnbow Story

Bob and Jacki Lawrence reveal the stories of First World War female munitions workers from Leeds, who worked at one of the biggest wartime munitions factories in the UK. During this talk you’ll learn why and when the Barnbow factory was built in Leeds, as well as the working conditions experienced by women there and the accidents which cost 40 lives. After the war, the brave Barnbow workers were virtually forgotten for the most of 100 years, but now the land the factory stood on is protected as a scheduled monument for the benefit of future generations. THIS TALK IS PART OF A PROGRAMME OF AFTERNOON WOMEN’S HISTORY TALKS LINKED TO ABBEY HOUSE MUSEUM’S 2018 EXHIBITION A WOMAN’S PLACE. The exhibition features stories and objects from strong pioneering women such as Leonora Cohen and Nicola Adams, from 1860 to the present day. Discover how everyday life has changed for women in the home, school and workplace. Find out more at []

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