Leeds Welcome | Talk: Women’s Relief Work in War and Peace

Talk: Women’s Relief Work in War and Peace

It is often claimed that women won the vote in 1918 as a result of their contribution in the First World War. In this talk, historians Dr Helen Dampier and Dr Rebecca Gill explore the less well-known story of pacifist women’s contribution to the campaign for the vote, Learn about the activist and relief worker Emily Hobhouse, whose humanitarian work in wartime became a potent demonstration of her commitment to peace and the international suffrage campaign. THIS TALK IS PART OF A PROGRAMME OF AFTERNOON WOMEN’S HISTORY TALKS LINKED TO ABBEY HOUSE MUSEUM’S 2018 EXHIBITION A WOMAN’S PLACE. The exhibition features stories and objects from strong pioneering women such as Leonora Cohen and Nicola Adams, from 1860 to the present day. Discover how everyday life has changed for women in the home, school and workplace. Find out more at []

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