Leeds Welcome | The Cotton Queen: Vintage Film Screening

The Cotton Queen: Vintage Film Screening

Join us for a screening of a classic 1930’s film featuring a ‘queen of industry’ in our vintage 24-seater cinema. Based on Romeo and Juliet, The Cotton Queen [] was released in 1937. This forgotten classic is a tale of industrial espionage and romance between warring cotton mill owning families. Take away a free, limited edition tote bag featuring the exhibition artwork! Introduced by our Industrial History Curator, followed by free tea and cake. This is part of a series of events linked to our new Queens of Industry exhibition. WHAT IS ‘QUEENS OF INDUSTRY’ ALL ABOUT? This ground-breaking new exhibition reveals the untold stories of the working class ‘queens’ elected to represent their industries from the 1920s to early 1980s. These young workers’ lives were changed forever, with opportunities to make headlines, star on screen, and travel the world as a spokesperson for their industry.

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